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Spec-chem industry inc is found in 1995, Certified ISO 9001:2008,lS014001:2015,SA8000:2014, manufactured beauty peptides,fermentation ingredients, chemical synthetic and plants extract ingredients ,based on over 22 years cosmetics ingredientsexperience, We offer range of high-quality and safety and Eco-friendly ingredients including: Beauty peptides 1 Whitening & skincare / Anti-ageing&moisturizing 1 Sunless tanning agent / Preservative altermative / Hair care &condition/ Herb extract / Surfactants cationic condition and know how to solve the problems in the formulation with other in-vitro and in-vivo technicalsupport.
Today, we are a vendor for L'Oreal, Unilever, Estee Lauder, Amore Pacific, Kao ,Blue Moon and we also always meet your highquality demand.

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